February 25

BackupPC – rebuilding your /etc/BackupPC/hosts file

BackupPC is terrible at removing old hosts where backups are no longer needed. Over time, it becomes necessary to get old servers out of your BackupPC “Host” list drop-down. You might find yourself in a situation where it becomes necessary or even easier to remove the config .pl files from your pc/ directory, and then just recreate your hosts file. Use the following steps to accomplish just that:

[root@backupserver pc]# for i in `ls /etc/BackupPC/pc | sed ‘s/.pl//g’`; do grep $i /etc/BackupPC/hosts; done > /etc/BackupPC/hosts-NEW
[root@backupserver pc]# cd /etc/BackupPC
[root@backupserver BackupPC]# mv hosts hosts.BAK
[root@backupserver BackupPC]# mv hosts-NEW hosts
[root@backupserver BackupPC]# chown apache:apache hosts
[root@backupserver BackupPC]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/backuppc restart
Shutting down BackupPC: [ OK ]
Starting BackupPC: [ OK ]
[root@backupserver BackupPC]#

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